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Our Founding Story

"It's time for a new chapter in the book world."

I spent the first decade of my career in human rights and impact investing, watching a handful of books ignite the global anti-slavery movement. I fell in love with publishing, realizing books have the power to transform the world. This sparked my own desire to write a book and in 2017, “Twenty-Two,” was published with HarperCollins as I finished my MBA at Oxford. I soon felt a huge amount of pressure to build an author platform, but there wasn’t an easy way to connect with my readers.

Being in business school, I began thinking about a modern solution for the challenges authors face in the publishing process. There had to be a better way for them to reach their readers. Copper was born as a result. We’ve built an incredible community of book lovers, and we’re only just getting started. I’m so excited to welcome you into this journey with us.

With gratitude,

Allison Trowbridge
Author, Founder & CEO of Copper

Allison Trowbridge

Meet the Copper Team

We’re spread across the country and occasionally across the seas because we’re adventurers. We’re all big readers. Many of us are aspiring authors. Lots of foodies in the mix, too. We’re the parents of dogs, cats, and human children. We really, really love books. And we all love working for you.

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  • Alex Hudgens
  • Davin Post
  • Lindsay Ratowsky
  • Mark Holmes
  • Mark Kropf
  • Matthew Graves
  • Natalia Pulido
  • Sarah Nanney
  • Our Mission

  • Our Mission: transformation, community, creativity
  • Transformation

    Books make us better. We love seeing lives impacted and more people reading and engaging around content that matters.

  • Community

    Copper exists for community. We connect authors and readers to create a social experience around books.

  • Creativity

    Books are magical experiences. And we love the magic that happens when people connect around great content.

  • Our Values

  • Our Values: Joy, Empathy, Growth
  • Joy

    We are celebrators. We love what we do and we love building a product that brings joy to the lives of our members.

  • Empathy

    We seek to understand before being understood. We work with empathy and build with our members' needs front of mind.

  • Growth

    We strive for excellence, own our mistakes, and cheer for improvements. We love learning together and keep a growth mindset.

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  • Authors

    Are you an author looking to build community, to truly connect with your readers, and to engage with other like-minded creatives?

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    Do you have a book in you? Are you interested in taking your reading, writing, and publishing prospects to the next level?

  • Readers

    Welcome home. On Copper, you can truly be your shelf. Want to learn more? Request early access below.

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